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 | Added on: January 5, 2010
I play this game over and over, when there's nothing else to do! I enjoy it enough to keep it and recommend it to friends.
 | Added on: January 7, 2011
You made this just for me! I love coffee, all kinds of Coffee and I love Majongg, all kinds of Mahjongg! I love the strategy, the trying to keep a count of how many tiles have gone before vs. how many to come and where. This is a GREAT combination! Levels short enough to work into my time available and long enough to be interesting and keep me coming back for more. Thanks!
 | Added on: July 29, 2010
I love the different ways to play this game! I try to go back and forth with the tile choices. However, I haven't tried to come up with any original layout patterns. Just the same I can't wait to play another one of these games every day! Keep the mahjonng type games coming!
 | Added on: July 6, 2010
I like games that are engaging without being being challenging beyond my means. I hated for it to come to an end.
 | Added on: February 1, 2010
This is a lovely game for sitting back with a cup of coffee and just chillin away the hours. It is reasonably challenging. The music is quite good, and love the coffee house aspect. Definitely good for those days when you want a brainless game to play that will keep your interest. Definitely have and will continue to recommend it.
 | Added on: July 25, 2011
This game is fun for all, except for the coffee thing I guess. The tiles are large and easy to see, some for us regulars, mom, and the kids. It plays real fast and it is easy, so all can win and enjoy.

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