Burger Island® 2 - The Missing IngredientBurger Island® 2 - The Missing Ingredient
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Reviews of Burger Island® 2 - The Missing Ingredient
 | Added on: September 18, 2009
You will like this one. But for some reason I found this sequel to actually be easier than the original.
 | Added on: January 1, 2012
I like these types of TM games, not the "build a village" kind. The premise is that you prepare meals, one ingredient at a time. You also get to make your own meals, where you pick your own ingredients (although there aren't always a lot of ingredients to choose from). But it makes you feel more a part of the game. You must build the burgers, omelets, nachos, etc., in order... or you lose that one meal and some money. This game is very "clicky", so make sure you pick up the desired ingredient with a good solid mouse click. Good pace of game, fairly easy to get through each level (I only had to repeat a level on the final "island"). I like this one better than the original because she is standing in the back, while the original has her turning around to look at you a lot, which I found kind of annoying. If you like food serving TM games, this one is for you! Below are some other TM games that you might also enjoy.