Building the Great Wall of ChinaBuilding the Great Wall of China
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 | Added on: May 5, 2013
This is perfect for someone who likes a relaxing, non-stressful time management game. Building the Great Wall of China has a nice story (which can be skipped if so desired), pretty graphics and bonus play for those who finish with all gold levels. This isn't the most challanging game I've ever played, but that is a good thing sometimes!
 | Added on: May 5, 2013
This is another fairly typical "clear the roads" with various resources picked up from buildings (farms, sawmills, quarries, etc.) or off the land itself (berry bushes, rock piles, fallen branches, etc.) TM game; only this one has an Asian twist -- Chinese, to be specific -- with an ever-present task of building a wall at each level. It's well made enough, but has a few minor annoyances; & in my opinion, 1 MAJOR annoyance -- & the reason for my giving this game a rating below 4 stars... The dragons. Good Heavens. After you make it through a good portion of the game, they become SO irritating that I had to play a little at a time because I was getting SO frustrated! They interrupt the game b/c the little guys won't move/work while they're out, plus you can't fight them or click-to-stop the purple ones, which are the vast majority of the dragons. Even when you build the wall up first, it doesn't stop them. Other minor annoyances include: the levels' repetitive, "seems like I've done this 20 times already" challenges; a boring storyline; & the inability to "click ahead" - meaning you can't click on tasks ahead of time for the guys to do. But if you like TMs in this style, you should find it entertaining. It is fairly easy to get gold on every level - some levels a little less easy, but if I can do it, anyone can. And as long as you don't completely lose it (like I do) once the 5th dragon in a row has set one of your buildings on fire AGAIN - you may actually somewhat enjoy this game!