Brink of Consciousness - The Lonely Hearts Murders Platinum EditionBrink of Consciousness - The Lonely Hearts Murders Platinum Edition
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Reviews of Brink of Consciousness - The Lonely Hearts Murders Platinum Edition
MarieTherese | Added on: February 21, 2013
This game is beautiful. I liked the music, and that is unusual. There were some new puzzles that were fun to play. I also liked the hint button that helped the player return to a point of interest without wasting a hint. I am 67 years old, and my memory is not as good as it once was. I like hidden object searches when there is something more to do than just click. I also like finding objects that move the game along. I skipped some of the puzzles because I was in a hurry to finish the game, and see how it ended. I intend to return and actually try to complete all of the puzzles.
anneatplay | Added on: February 26, 2013
This game was very talky, as others have said. For the most part I felt it lent more story to the game than most games offer, but some of the dialogue seemed totally superfluous. And the dot dot dot meant I never knew when anyone was finished speaking. Did anyone but me notice that the incompetent officer Evans suddenly turned into the name Jayden, or did I miss some sort of transition? The game itself was well plotted, the mini games were unique but not very challenging. I used the hint to figure out where to go. The map is virtuallly useless. I enjoyed the game in all and would recommend it for play.
redaf | Added on: February 21, 2013
I own the Dorian Gray Syndrome Brink of Consciousness so of course I wanted to play this one. The graphics are very nice, the music is pleasant and relaxing, as well as the game play. Even though your character gets quite verbally animated at times, the detective assisting you is almost always calm and his character and the music set the overall tone as kind of laid back even though the crimes require urgent response to catch the killer. Hidden object scenes are clear and readily found for the most part and I really enjoyed the unique mini games. The map was handy and as I played casual mode (one of three difficulty selections) the strategy guide was not necessary, though I am sure on harder modes it would be quite handy to have! The bonus chapter when you take on the role of the detective wraps the story up quite nicely. I don't want to be a spoiler, but I just want to mention some one said in their review that the two "Brink" games were not inter-related and they are. Even though the time period is different, with different characters, I would say this is actually a prequel, or origins game if you will. I liked it very much, and look forward to the next installments the developers mention in the interview available in the extras and which I thought was an excellant idea. It showed how much work and thought goes into these games we all enjoy so much. So kudos to them and thank you all! I will be on the look-out for "Neverwood" as well!
jkjennings | Added on: February 23, 2013
This is very cleverly done. Great graphics and lots and lots of screens but when you get so far into the game, the former scenes disappear and you only have to concentrate on a few locations at a time. Hidden objects aren't terribly difficult and are pretty tricky at times, i.e., clicking on the black cat when six cats pop at once, and keep changing places. I agree with other reviewer that there is a lot of dialog and the characters speak so slowwwwwlllllyyyyy. I just skipped some of the speech because the game is easy enough to follow anyway. Lots of characters and I got confused about who was who, but overall a good game with lots of extras.
WeeWifie | Added on: February 23, 2013
I totally loved Brink of Consciousness, Dorian Gray Syndrome and was really really looking forward to this release. I liked the look of the game , the graphics were very good, the storyline was also good ( for want of a better word ) and the mini games were too, although I did not find them very challenging.....and I do like a good challenge! However unlike other reviewers who enjoyed the movie -like experience, I found all the dialogue a bit overpowering ( even a little tedious at times when I just wanted to get on with the game ) and although there was a menacing voice now and again, I felt it lacked the masked 'Bad Guy' I was eagerly waiting to jump out at me around every corner. But all that said I'm glad I played this game and would not want to deter anyone from trying it...... It's not for kids though. I do so hope there is another one on the not too distant horizon.
emi1 | Added on: February 25, 2013
there is jst too much dialogue in this game. it took away from the game play for me. of course u can skip the dialogue if u'd like. the mini games were challenging. the graphics great. but the map was rather useless for me. this game is jst ok.
puppynurse | Added on: February 18, 2013
I did enjoy this game, not as much as the first brink of consciounesses Dorian Gray and the stories are not related, this is a completely different story in a different setting, the story flows well and and some of the characters are entertaining while others I could do without. This is a long game, and the extras are cool. The Strategy guide is worth it alone. There are mini games which some are hard and others are easy, the HOS are not overly difficult, but not too easy either. All in all a good game, with a solid story.
Kathryn179 | Added on: February 20, 2013
I think my expectations were pretty high coming into this game. With a download of 1205MB, I figured it had to be good. It was better than good. The graphics were crisp, clear and detailed. The whole mood of the game was right on. The developers included many details --the creaking of doors, footsteps, ambiance. And talk about interaction: the cut scenes blended in smoothly with the game play. Even the mini-games were fun. I didn't need the strategy guide, but the hints were handy to have and so was the map. With so many options available, this game can be challenging or easy, depending on how you choose to play. I most definitely recommend this game. Enjoy!
leea928 | Added on: February 23, 2013
This game has a little too much dialog for me, but in general, it is a pretty good game. There is alot of back and forth and the hint key helps to decide where to go next. My favorite part of the game was the very unique mini games. They are not the "run of the mill" games and I was able to solve all of them without skipping. I never used the strategy guide, so I can not comment on it, but it is nice that it is there to use without having to exit the game to get the info you might need.
Cat_In_RV | Added on: February 23, 2013
This is a superb game from many angles. From my perspective, it is actually better than Brink of Consciousness-Dorian Gray. Technically, the scenes are well drawn with plenty of color and nice extra touches, such as a dog whining in his sleep. The graphics are crystal clear, which makes it relatively easy to find everything in the HO scenes (Although you do have to work a little harder for some of the objects that are not readily apparent.). You play as a man whose daughter has been abducted and has 30 days before she will be killed by the "Longely Hearts Killer." While you are understandably beside yourself, you work with the local detective who happens to be a friend. And here we find one of the elements that make this game stand out. You talk to the detective, and he talks back. He talks to you all through this game, and you can in turn talk to everyone else involved. Not only that, but the voices are professionals, and the dialogue is perfectly synchonized to the characters who are speaking. Some reviewers may feel that there is too much conversation, between the cut scenes and your own interaction with the players, but think about it--if your daughter were missing, wouldn't you question everyone and want to know what they know? I thought it made the game very realistic. The only negative thought I had was that the detective let his friend (you) do all the work, while he pretty much just stood around and talked to people. But then, it is a game, and you go have to have something to do. There was a slight comedic element introduced by the detective's constable, who is made to seem pretty much a screw-up, but he tries hard, as evidenced by his dialogue. It keeps the game from getting too heavy as you try to find the girl before she is killed, particularly because other murders are taking place in the meantime. This game has three levels of difficulty. I played in casual mode which shows you where the HO scenes are and highlights certain objects that need to be picked up. I didn't need to use the hint button, but it's supposed to recharge quickly in this mode. In the very difficult level, there are no hints and no highlights on anything. You would have to find everything on your own, which would be a true challenge. There is a map that gives more help at the less difficult levels. If I had a complaint, it would be that I couldn't just click on the map and go to that location, which would have been preferable to going back and forth. There is also a strategy guide to help you if you get stuck on what to do next. While you may not need it in Casual Mode, you almost certainly would need it on the difficult level. This game has exceptional value and is well worth playing. I plan to play again at the difficult level. I enjoyed the game that much.
kyleesmommy | Added on: February 21, 2013
What a beautiful game !!! It has it all,crisp graphics,captivating storyline,you become invested in the characters and the plot,the cutscenes are fabulous and tie everything together,explaining everything as it happens !!! Map was good,hints worked well,the game flowed well and I was pleased with the game guide and all the extras !!! Play this game its worth the time !!!! HAPPY GAMING EVERYONE !!!!!
slimshady1 | Added on: March 1, 2013
nice long game plenty to think about you wont fly thru this easily
Darrow | Added on: February 21, 2013
Why on earth people are claiming this is some sort of follow up to Dorian Gray Sindrome I just don't know because it couldn't be more differnt to that game. Here are just SOME of the differences. Dorian was a well researched, intense and often disturbing survival horror. Lonley Hearts Murders is a lighthearted "Cludoesque" type comedy. Dorian had a consistent narrative that unfolded at the game progressed. Lonley Hearts Murders is a disjointed mess where the player just wanders around "doing stuff" mostly which has no relevence to the storyline at all. Dorian has well crafted and taunting dialogue that was just ballenced right so as not to be annoying. Lonley Hearts Murders is probably 50% dialogue most of which is just waffle and nothing to do with the game whatsoever. Dorian had graphics and scenery that was in keeping with the time period it was set in (1950's). Lonley Hearts Murders has opted for a cartoonish style presentation and is set in the mid Eighteen Hundreds London with objects that werent even invented for at least another hundred years (Soft drinks vending machine, computer circuit boards, modern electrical fuses, fire hydrants etc). Dorian had puzzels and objects that were consistent and relevant to the story. Lonley hearts Murders has puzzles and objects that are verging on the surreal! (making a miniture cowboy on a horse shouting YEE-HAA! throwing a brick through a window at a passing pigeon, rearanging an aristorcrats shoe shelf, catching a black cat with a squeeky rubber mouse, making any number of Steampunk devices that are used for.....whatever it is they are used for. Honestly folks this game is a complete mess, when it DOES try to be serious (using some inappropriately foul language) it just comes across as awkward and embarrassing. This game is a real mess and an embarrassment to play, at least try a demo before you buy.
Rianna | Added on: February 20, 2013
I played the trial version of this game but didn't get very far before I realised that I just gotta buy this game. I've only scratched the surface of the plot but it has caught my attention. The music isn't too intrusive, the puzzles so far are interesting and new to me. Computerised actors give the player a movie experience and I really feel part of the plot. Graphics are first class, music not intrusive and there's a bonus to look forward to. This game deserves the whole five stars and more. Nice to play an adult game - I don't think it would interest the kids anyway. Need I say I highly recommend Brink of Consciousness from Magicindie SRL - A big thanks to the publishing team for its creation and a big thanks to Gamehouse for the chance to enjoy the experience.
Eriklover555 | Added on: March 15, 2013
I got this game after playing and loving the first in the series - The Dorian Gray Syndrome. I hoped there would be a tie-in with the first game somehow - even just a reference or two. Instead I got cutscenes that lasted forever, an annoying back story, and an unlikeable main character. This game was obvious, boring, and trite compared to the first. I didn't care about who was doing the murders - half the time I was hoping it was someone on the "good side" because at least that would have been interesting. The only (ham-fisted) reference to the first game is in the bonus chapter - and it was so quick I finished it in less than half an hour. Save your money if you want the sequel to the first game.
Sparrowke | Added on: February 21, 2013
From the first minute you really get sucked into the gameplay, feeling like part of the storyline! There were puzzles I've never seen before and they were thinky, I loved it! This one is an absolute worth every cent, I really enjoyed it, thanks program makers!! I do agree that it's not so much interesting for children, a GREAT adult game considering the storyline.
fallonr | Added on: February 26, 2013
I really liked it. Plenty of locations and good graphics without having to wander around and get lost. Decent puzzles. If you have to use the hint button, it tells you right where to go. A++ Game
smshelton | Added on: February 25, 2013
the game was a bet of back and for for me but the story was good