Bee Garden - The Lost QueenBee Garden - The Lost Queen
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 | Added on: October 12, 2010
Yet another game that goes under the "picky clicky" MADNESS. About 10 - 15 minutes was all I could cope with this game. What you are doing is planting seeds, watering them, and get the bees to collect nectar to make honey which helps them in search of finding their missing queen. I honestly couldn't believe I got expert on the 1st level as it took what seemed FOREVER to get the bees to water as some of the flowers died. The second level I ran out of time and just couldn't cope with this game anymore it taking so long to recognize my clicks to do things. All I have left to say is give it a whirl and hope you don't encounter the "picky clicky" madness cause the queen of these bees definitely needs to be found because well these poor bees are sure lost without their queen. This could of been a great game as I thought the bees were kinda cute but this game defiinitely goes under my stop madness, cut off and pull the plug.
 | Added on: October 12, 2010
One word for this game: Frustrating. What a shame. It's a really cute idea, a new take on TM gaming, and COULD or SHOULD have been a great game. Instead, the bees float aimlessly and may (or may not) get to your flowers in time. It's SLOW, but there isn't a good reason for the gameplay to be so slow. The story may be cute, but the queen doesn't give good directions, causing one to figure things out on a second pass through each level. Small peeve, but it doesn't distinguish levels you've earned expert on from the map screen. My biggest frustration came with the bees just bouncing around. One gets infected by a weed, and while the queen tells you, she does NOT tell you what you might do about that. There is no general help section. I tried turning off all of the game cursors and high graphics, but it is just as slow that way. The whole thing I found sad. I wanted to like this cute game, but instead I found it so irritating that even with gamepass (I could've played for hours,) I gave up playing & will probably uninstall it ASAP. If I were the company, I'd pull it ASAP & redo the game so that the cute story line was equaled by decent game play, or even BEARABLE game play. Anything that doesn't make you want to throw the computer out the window would be an improvement. Also, they need to let you upgrade your hive MUCH faster if they insist on the bees beeing so slow and the flowers' needs coming at twice the pace. The whole thing was just clearly very poorly thought out, with a darling story, adorable quotes from "beecyclopedia" between the levels, and one really frustrating casual game. I can't even tell you if it's clicky or thinky b/c I spent my time just pleading with the bees to do what I'd clicked for them to do in the order I'd clicked and FASTER. Having a flower die b/c a bee doesn't water it, when you've told said bee to do so is just annoying. You can collect a raincloud (they don't TELL you this, but you can) and that's helpful, but the cloud may disappear before you can use it or you might collect another one only to have it disappear b/c the time is running out. The game is frustrating. What a shame.
 | Added on: October 18, 2010
This game is a cute idea, and it should have been a new addictive TM game, but it is just so SLOW! The bees just float around getting to whatever you tell them to do when they feel like it and even the cursor response time was slow. I didn't even finish the first level because I was just bored with the slowness.
 | Added on: October 20, 2010
I hated this game and have uninstalled it after just 4 levels - the screen is really annoying and the game / cursor bee's etc are so slow and i could not work out the levels / timer etc i kept putting flowers / honey into the jars but because i did not have a new order i lost them all. i didnt realise i had to wait for a new order to come in before i cud start again. i found it slow, clicky and boring.
 | Added on: October 13, 2010
I really liked this game except that it ran really slow on my computer. I don't think it's my computer because I run The Sims on the same one. Even when I changed the graphics to a lower resolution it seemed to run really slow. As for the game I like the concept & it was a fun TM game. This is the type of task oriented game that I like in the TM genre instead of the boring build it games. I think it would be a fun kids game as well, but it does move to quite fast paced by the end of the hour. My 9 year old probably wouldn't have much of a problem with it.
 | Added on: October 18, 2010
Just tried the demo on this game. It felt like I played for about half hour but I was surprised to see only 15 minutes had passed by the time I uninstalled. Likes: Beautiful graphics. Cute theme. Dislikes: The pace of the game is too slow - especially for a time management game! It was annoying to me that it didn't seem like you could really treat the plants in sets of three like you were planting them. There was always the odd flower out that the bees would return all the way back to their default position and then have to come back for, even though you issued the three commands all right in a row. You could never really tell what you had control of (planting, watering, etc) because the cursor doesn't change to indicate which mode you're in. The start and end of levels are not clear. Often, I'd look up and see the timer and think "oh am I supposed to be still going?" The gameplay is just not fun. Didn't particularly care for the clicking on the pest bugs that showed up. Despite the slow nature of the game and that you have all the time in the world to do nothing but click on 3-5 flowers - one of my flowers died - talk about not having sufficient control of the game! There is little to no challenge - except in dealing with the poor game controls. Clicking on things is unprecise - sometimes you have to click things two or three times to get it to register - and in just the right spot. Despite that the screen didn't bother me WHILE playing, afterward, I do have a slightly queasy feeling. I don't think this game received much, if any, feedback from users during a beta test trial run, which I think it could have benefited GREATLY from. The graphics are gorgeous in this game but it seems like it's such a waste. So, as you can tell from my 2 likes and LONG list of dislikes - I won't be purchasing this one. Shame as it's a cute theme and seemed promising otherwise.
 | Added on: October 14, 2010
Wasn't all that hard, just a bunch of clicking, things did get more interesting as you went on, but not enough for me to be overly interested in playing more than the free trial period
 | Added on: October 18, 2010
Bee Garden is a real Time Management game with many original gameplay elements. It's a bit clicky, but clicking is not effective without a bit of planning and thinking. Most of the levels can be solved in different ways. I'll definitely replay the game after I finish it. The first few levels was really slow (especially the bees), probably designed for beginners. Luckily you can increase the number of bees with hive upgrades to make things faster and there's also a speed upgrade around level 7-8. The gardens look amazing, the characters are so cute, the story is funny and the gameplay is addictive.
 | Added on: October 12, 2010
love the graphics on this game. was incredible the way u could move around the scene, and how very beautiful everything was. i did get frustrated at times, b/c my bees didn't move fast enuf, and there was nothing in the demo hr to make them speed up. i did lose some flowers b/c i couldn't get the bees to h2o them fast enuf-but that's one thing that made this game not boring. having to plan which flowers to plant, depending on specific honey orders was very challenging. i hope u try this one.

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