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 | Added on: November 23, 2009
This game is so fun. I am glad realarcade parneted with gamehouse or I wouldn't have this great game!
 | Added on: August 7, 2012
I absolutely love these games, and would love it if the whole Aveyond Series were available. With the last two games of the Quadrilogy(?) missing, I can see why some people would be confused with the games, but if all were available, there would be some closure. A friend has all of them, and they're all a lot of fun, and actions can be done when you're ready for them. I like games that make you think and always playing Hidden Object Games gets really boring after awhile - way too much clicking, not enough story. There is a nice balance between story and action in all Aveyond games. Please, Gamehouse, add the rest of the Aveyond Series!!!!!!
 | Added on: February 23, 2013
I didn't like this game at all. Made no sense. After I killed a small mouse in the first screen, I'm supposed to go to some mansion to meet someone. I got there and everyone was sleeping and there was absolutely nothing to do but walk around, and at one point it said to 'warm my hands by the fire', ok, I just stood by the fire to warm my hands. I was clicking everything, but nothing happened. I don't know why everyone raves about this game, I so totally didn't get it. Just a waste of time, I deleted this one.
 | Added on: April 8, 2011
This one is the first part of this series of Aveyond, I believe called Orbs of Magic. It's about 10 hours of playtime. The story and graphics are good, I like the look of the characters, cute :) , though I would like to see characters' outfits change. Also, no voice for characters =.= Gameplay is addictive if you like rpg games, tons of places to explores, great amount of mini-games and secrets. Many puzzles and mini-games can't be resolved in this part yet, they can only be done in second part. Lvling is not very hard, it's enough to keep you busy but not too much to discourage you. There's occasional level eggs, which I advise saving for later since it takes longer time for high level. I like this game, and I would prefer to have it in one piece rather than divided like this. The big problem: Game House doesn't have part 3 The Lost Orb XP
 | Added on: July 31, 2009
it may be shorter than the normal Aveyond games but it's still much longer than HOG games and has more replay value than most other games purchased on these sites. It's fun and engaging and tons of replay value as it can be played at different level of difficulty. I'm certainly looking forward to the second chapter.
 | Added on: February 23, 2010
Motion of the characters made me dizzy and somewhat nauseous after playing fo rmore than a few minutes. I did not expect this to be an arcade type game; not my favorite genre but for those who like Mario Brothers types of games, you'll probably like this.
 | Added on: July 16, 2009
I really liked the game. Reminded me of Zelda. Its not a very challenging game, but its definitly fun.
 | Added on: July 26, 2010
I'm guessing the main reason people are saying this game is too short is because of the way it ends. It's not too short, it's just incomplete. I enjoyed the game. Having not played it when I saw part two was available, I decided to start from the beginning. I'm glad I did. I took a star off just because the graphics and mechanics are dated, but the game play still holds up. This is a good example of why the FunPass is a good value.
 | Added on: July 22, 2009
Unlike what most wrote this game is great and worth the value. The game is the first part of a 2 chapter series. It is on the shorter side but the 2nd one is supposed to be much longer. The storyline is wonderful. The game reminds me of the FF's from NES. Many have complained of the cost for such a short game but I have gotten more hours out of this than I would have for any HOG for the same price and much cheaper than an RPG for XBOX or PS. Overall this Aveyond has been as great as the previous ones. Can't wait for the next installment.
 | Added on: July 16, 2009
I completely disagree with the first review of this game, but i have the feeling that's because I love old school RPG's like Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior for the NES. It's got a engaging storyline, is visually on par with it's counterparts and the gameplay is engrossing. It's got a pretty good soundtrack too.
 | Added on: June 23, 2012
Excellent game! Excellent soundtrack! Always fan of games that make me think.
 | Added on: July 22, 2009
Having hours and hours of fun with this game. Giving me a bit of a challengee, too. Highly recommend it. However, wish it had a hint sight. I am actually stuck in one section. Good job, whomever created it.
 | Added on: July 16, 2009
I have played every Aveyond game that's come out thus far. I played this one with my free time and was done in a handful of hours (with every side quest completed). And that was, bluntly, the problem. Upon reaching the "end" of this one I found myself exceedingly disappointed. Yes, it's good in the same ways as the previous games but they're milking it for all its worth. This game is only a quarter the length and to get the next 'chapter' (and what I am guessing will be at least three more) they want to charge you ten dollars apiece. It's a rip off especially when one has played the previous games. They've turned their backs on their fans. I was foolish and purchased the game before GameHouse got it and I could play it with my FunPass. I would not suggest purchasing this game. Play it if you have a pass otherwise I would not give the developers any more money until they stop this piece-mealing behavior.

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