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Reviews of Angkor
 | Added on: July 8, 2010
I might have enjoyed this game, but the motion of the pieces gave me a headache by the third level and I just couldn't take anymore.
 | Added on: September 3, 2010
I do get a bit fed up with the run of the mill Match 3 games, which just seem to stick to the same boring framework and just change the icons, I usually avoid them, but I gave Angkor a go and quite enjoyed it. Angkor is a fairly standard Match 3, but one of the better ones on the market and I as happy to play it right through. Nice graphics, well thought out levels. . . Not much more I can say about it really.
 | Added on: November 2, 2009
I found this game very good and rather addictive. It has a timeless mode and so can be played and enjoyed in a relaxed manner. The graphics are excellent and padlocks are included which make it even more interesting.
 | Added on: November 9, 2009
I have played the entire game all the way through 5 times & am playing it again. I am addicted. It is challenging yet relaxing.
 | Added on: September 23, 2010
I have a lot of games including quite a few Match 3 games, so when I try before I buy, I'm extremely critical. I had read that Angkor was different and extremely challenging; and that proved to be true. You can play in Classic (timed) or Timeless mode. It looks like from the reviews that you either love it or hate it; but take it from me, if you are looking for an extremely challenging Match 3 game, this is it! In fact, I'd be interested in knowing if anyone out there can "ace" all the levels! As you play various pieces lock up. You can earn power-ups with large matches. Give Angkor a try. It's kid friendly and has great replay value.
 | Added on: March 1, 2010
lots of fun, Challenging can return to it again and again
 | Added on: January 19, 2010
I was very hesitant to play this cause I thought this was going to be "just another match 3 game" but boy was I wrong as this really challenged. You can play this in a relaxed mode and go at your leisure or time mode. I only got to the second level during the free trial. I did the time mode and things lock up pretty quick to limit your moves. Even though I only aced time once and ran out of lives and had to start over, this is a game I will definitely be purchasing cause as I said this really challenged me. Hope to see more like it. The game is definitely addictive, kid friendly and good replay. Five star game all the way in my book.

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