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 | Added on: August 2, 2010
So I have long been a hidden object junkie...but sometimes I don't want to work so hard...ya know. this delightful match 3 game is lots of fun and the eyecandy is superb.. it has 3 levels easy, slightly harder, and fast!! This is a keeper for rainy dull days when I want some sparkle and flash!
 | Added on: May 10, 2011
I like that a game has several types of games in one most of the time. Nice variety. Sometimes hard to distinguish between items. The "super play" "long match" things that flashed on the screen were a little annoying - keep you from seeing the board for a moment.
 | Added on: October 15, 2009
This is really not a bad Match 3 game but I didn't feel the need to play until I was done. It was a good way to pass free time but I found myself wanting to stop and continue later because it was quite repetitive. By the end finishing it felt more like a chore I had to do just because I started it.
 | Added on: September 13, 2010
I actually got this game free, and might well have missed it amongst the huge amount of HOGs on offer on the site. I am more attracted to the magic and fantasy based HOGs anyway, but this game really is a little gem. My daughter and I are both severely disabled, although thankfully it doesn't affect our ability to play the games too much. There are however, days when we really aren't up to the challenge of heavy duty, hard to play, thinky games. The Alchemist's Apprentice is just the job for those sort of days. The game is a good mix of match three and hidden object, but without being too taxing. I'm sure kids love it. I particularly like that the match 3 levels do seem to cascade and it's very relaxing to play. It's a real 'feel good' game. I must admit the leprechaun levels were a bit mind blowing and I didn't do very well at them, but it was still quite good fun. Really this game is great for those days when you don't want to smash records or take on the world, but just relax and have a bit of fun. Recommended.
 | Added on: August 3, 2010
Beautiful graphics, but way too much going on ... a mix of match-3, hidden objects, mini-puzzles, collect coins, buy/upgrade building ... all in one game! The graphic and scenes are just lovely and beautiful to look at; music is very dream-y, too. Loved the 'speed' click to fast load the text/dialog - nice simple story most can easily follow. Relaxed-mode is best choice: own pace, start/stop when choose. Timed-mode: required many steps and collect many coins before advancing. Spent more time on ground 'dazed' than collecting coins playing leprechaun with basket game. Never caught very many coins either. Many match-three boards seemed to 'play-itself' - cascading while you watched. Sadly this took the challenge out of most of your moves. Power-up/bonus items appear on board, but move quickly to remove or they will disappear. The hog part was finding single names items (scrolls) multiple times within one scene. Game would be enjoyable and a bit frustrating to older kids and adults alike. Best played a little at a time, save and come back later to play again. Overall, the 3-star rating is for the beautiful graphics and the constant movement of the game. But, incorporated too many game/requirements into one game. Better if more match-3 play choices of play and less of the extras added on!
 | Added on: May 16, 2011
An unimaginative match 3 that has you collecting and collecting coins by making match 3's. You just have to collect too many coins on each level (over 100 per level, one or two at a time, mind you). Takes way too long. Then between levels mini games where my leprechaun runs back and forth collecting, guess what? more coins. What's the point? There's other way better match 3 games out there.
 | Added on: October 8, 2009
Not the best game for the avid match 3 player - one for the kids. There is not a lot of skill involved as the power ups do most of the work for you, that is to collect the gold coins to win. You can't really keep an eye on what is going on as it is all quite frantic with the lightning bolts, the extra coins added and the other two powerups happening at every given moment. As long as you match 3 toward the bottom of the screen, the blocks cascade to match even more without you having to do much to build up your coin collection. End of level challenges are a bit pointless and boring. Graphics are great though.
 | Added on: June 3, 2009
I couldn't stop playing this game to the end. As you up-grade, the challenges get easier, but still addictive. And the last level will have your eyeballs spinning as you reach the maximum up-grades. Younger kids could play this with ease, plus there is a more difficult mode for older players and adults. I had a good time playing it!

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