Agatha Christie Bundle - 3 in 1Agatha Christie Bundle - 3 in 1
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 | Added on: June 14, 2010
Can't beat the Agatha Christie 3-1 bundle, it's a great deal! I enjoyed all 3 games, Death on the Nile, Peril at End House, and Dead Man's Folly. Hours of HOG fun. The graphics are great and so is the game play. I love the prim and proper settings and "old speak". Poirot is a classic, as I had read every book as a kid and now I get to play the games. There's always a mystery to solve, and it's fun getting to find out who did it. The scenes are all timed, so it can be challenging before time runs out, but you can easily replay the scene. Some of the objects are WELL hidden, but there are hints you can use. This is one of those game bundles you just got to jump at the chance to get! THANK YOU!!!!!!!
 | Added on: June 14, 2010
I absolutely LOVE all three of these games: Pearl At Deadman's House, Dead Man's Folly, and Death on the Nile. Most items I found pretty easy to find but some were very challenging and even a little frustrating as I would click on a few and it would take a bit for it to register. I even ran out of time on a couple of them and had to redo them. Over all I still give 5 stars as the enjoyment definitely outweighs the little frustration, plus I'm a huge fan of the Agatha Christie movies, books, and games. I sure hope to see more Agatha Christie games. This is definitely a great deal - 3 games for one low price - can't beat it however I already have these games as I purchased them a while ago separately when they first became available. I wish I'd known they were going to be offered as a bundle deal. Oh well Agatha Christie games still ROCK for the most part and worth the money. Hours of game play fun.
 | Added on: December 8, 2010
The gameplay is usual HO, you have to find unrelated items in piles of junk. What makes these games special is the Christie storyline, its like reading the novels smooth and predictable but still fun.
 | Added on: August 27, 2010
Good game could have had better graphics, how can the gamehouse people tell you how much to write on a game? Especially when this is optional?
 | Added on: July 19, 2010
I really enjoy hidden object games and this game package is a lot of fun. The only thing is that it is not real inter-active and I think it is too quiet. Not at lot of movement within the game but all in all it is fun and relaxing to play.
 | Added on: December 2, 2010
I have always like Agatha Christie and Inspector Pirot mystery who done its and this game is the same way accept I get to help solve the murders. I love it!!!
 | Added on: July 13, 2010
These are engaging games that are fun to play. I really get into the story line and lose track of time.
 | Added on: January 16, 2013
I found this game delightful. It had all the features i love in a game. there's puzzles for you to complete, objects for you to find. And I never could have guessed who dunnit!
 | Added on: July 29, 2013
This 3 pack is perfect for anyone who doesn't want to be bored. It was interesting. I like the timer not too easy.
 | Added on: May 3, 2011
Since I am a fan of Agatha Christie, I had high hopes for this game. It wasn't as interactive as I would have liked. The graphics aren't very good so some of the objects were blurry and hard to find. I got frustrated with the timer as I was almost done with an investigation when time ran out and I had to start the investigation all over again. At this point, my patience ran out and I decided not to play this game. There are better HO games out there.
 | Added on: October 20, 2010
I really enjoyed the mystery games. You do have a problem on some of the objects not wanting to stay where they are supposed to go. I think you have to place the items in a certain order as in the fireplace utensils and the cups on the tray in the tent. Three for the price of one is always great!
 | Added on: October 14, 2010
Like many hidden object games, it has "mini" games in it. Some are very hard, and some are not. It is a great value. Anytime you can get a bundle like this, it is well worth the cost.
 | Added on: July 20, 2010
Great Game. I like looking for stuff. I started with Death on the nile and I was hooked. I even have started reading Agatha Christie's books.
 | Added on: June 14, 2010
Hours of fun that will keep you hooked. Bundles starts from challenging with great storyline and goes down from there. Still the other two games are just as fun and interesting and worth it. Old School Murder Mystery...Love it!
 | Added on: July 15, 2010
As a reader of Poirot and Christie mysteries, I was very much drawn to this game. Some of the objects are very difficult to find, and others are easier, so it's well-balanced. I found myself drawn into the mystery and time just passes. I love this game.
 | Added on: April 28, 2011
godd addictive game,gets u brain ticking,good price for a bundle,this game i spend hours on,even works on windows 7
 | Added on: July 16, 2010
You get a lot of fun HO play with this bundle! The best part is that the story lines are so engaging - you feel like you are really solving the mystery! The dowside is that the scenes are always the same, i.e. if you have to find a cat in the dining room, it will always be in the exact same spot, so by the end of the game, it is very easy to click off all the items on the list. The minigames are very much in line with the rest of the game in that they do lead you to the clues in the mystery. If you enjoy Agatha Christie, these games are definitely worthy to bear her name.
 | Added on: July 7, 2011
Already purchased ea. of these games separately, have enjoyed them for at least 2 yrs each. This deal is Fabulous in current economy.
 | Added on: August 27, 2010
Love it. This game is great with great graphics and I am glad I bought it. It is an adult game, kids wouldn't get anything out of it. Which I am happy about. Since this is an adult site, most of the games should be for us, and not every single game should be made so kids can play too. Not ALL of us have kids.
 | Added on: February 4, 2011
Great, enjoyable mysteries with fabulous graphics. Always interesting and challenging. Never boring. You feel in the middle of great Agatha Christie puzzle. A perfect hidden object escape. The bundle is a super value
 | Added on: January 7, 2011
I wouldn't say these are my favorite HOG's. Not bad, but not as great as I expected. Some of the items are hard to find to the point of exasperation. The items are sometimes so small! Anyway, it is still a good value for the money, but I was just a little disappointed.
 | Added on: September 2, 2010
I found these games to be just challenging enough to be enjoyable without being too boring or too frustrating. Some of the search objects are quite tiny, so be prepared. I also found some technical glitches in which you could be clicking repeatedly on the correct item, but it wouldn't register. This often happened for "place the object" items in which you click on an object and are required to drag it to a particular location. You should also be aware that a couple of the mysteries didn't really make much sense to me based upon the "clues" (and believe me, I am good at mysteries), so if you decide to play, do it for the love of hidden object games - not for the love of mysteries.
 | Added on: June 16, 2010
Poirot has been a favorite of mine ever since I can remember, and especially with David Suchet as the character. They even made him look a bit like the actor in the roll. They have stuck closely to the book and so the whole thing is a very fun experience for me. Love it!
 | Added on: December 27, 2012
All 3 of these games were really fun to play. Great HO scenes, good story lines, fun mysteries...wish there were more!
 | Added on: May 23, 2011
This is a great value. Three games in the bundle. All three games are a great value. Anyone who loves hidden object games would love this one. Nice to play and replay.
 | Added on: March 3, 2011
this game is a little step up from being childs play and I like some relaxing time after the kids go to bed.
 | Added on: June 14, 2010
I already have 2 of these games. The graphics and storylines are good. This is a great deal for anyone that likes a good HO game and a good mystery

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