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 | Added on: October 31, 2009
Great educational game for younger children ... with four creative and interactive games to play. One game, you view two pictures at a time and 'spot' what does not match between them. Another game is to 'spot' five monkey's within the pictures - whole, partial and outlined. Also, another one that you place puzzle-pieces together and create a full picture. Each game offers interesting pictures and various 'spot' placements, so you do not feel like you are playing the same game(s) over and over again. Because of the four separate games available within this one package, you and your child will have hours of fun. As an adult, I quickly became bored, but my niece just loves it - she rated it a four star!
 | Added on: May 3, 2011
Much better sound effects than 5 Spot original. Still a little corny, but not too bad. Besides the typical spot the differences, there is a game of spot the 5 monkeys and a puzzle that you have to match the correct "card" with the correct spot.
 | Added on: October 28, 2009
This game is a "spot the difference" game. It gives you two pictures, and you have to find the five differences before the time runs out. The interface is very, very childish. It reminds me of a game from Chucky Cheese or an arcade. When the picture loads, it does so with a bouncing ball bopping around your screen. The timer is a smiley face that changes color to mark the time, and the buttons for gameplay are big and brightly colored. All of that aside, however, and the game is actually quite nice. There are four different games-- timed and untimed find the differences, one in which one picture is invaded by monkeys, and you have to find them all, and the puzzle game. The puzzle game has the picture cut into puzzle pieces, and five are removed. Your job is to figure out from a pile of 12 which five match the holes in the parent picture. This is surprisingly challenging, as the fakes are taken at slightly different camera angles. There is no story line nor any perceived goal. Your job is to get through as many pictures as you can, or rack up as many points as you can. That's pretty much it. Some of the pictures are very easy to find the differences, some are quite challenging. Despite the cartoonish intereface, the actual pictures are nice. Nature scenes, animals, things you'd expect in a jigsaw puzzle. The game pictures themselves are well-done. And I suppose if you like big, colorful buttons, the interface is well-done too. Because of the no time limit option, as well as the find the monkey game, I've marked this one good for kids. All in all, a good game is hidden in this, and although it doesn't engage the attention for long at a time, it's one I find myself going back to often. It's perfect for a break at work, or if you've only got a few minutes to play.
 | Added on: May 13, 2011
This version of 5 spots has some good improvements over the original. Several different gameplay modes, including one where you have to find five hidden monkeys and another where you have to identify the missing pieces of a picture. Great sound track and beautiful photos.