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Paint your dream world with the best free rainbow games from GameHouse! Kermit asked why there are so many songs about rainbows, but did you know there are also many great games about rainbows? GameHouse has a colorful selection of online rainbow games for you to play today!

Untangle the colorful maze in the Rainbow Web puzzle game. Group the brilliant beads by color and solve each challenging level. Take your matching skills back to the Rainbow Kingdom in Rainbow Web 2. Solve pretty puzzles in over 80 challenging levels.

Try your hand at another colorful puzzle with Rainbow Mystery. Help the beautiful fairy, Lily, save rainbow world from the evil wizards. Arrange the vibrant flowers into groups of three or more to save the rainbow world. Lily needs your help to restore the vivid rainbow world!

Each of these beautiful games will mesmerize and entertain you for hours of brilliant fun! You can play online rainbow games at GameHouse or download rainbow games anytime! Vivid fun awaits you today at GameHouse!

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