Impressed by the fantastic games above? Then it’s definitely time you learn more about ToyBox! This games publisher has released many hit games like Hidden Relics and Ancient Spiders Solitaire for example. What stands out when we look at their games is the diversity of what they're offering. Whether it’s puzzle, card, or hidden object games, they’ve got you covered at GameHouse. Play one of their fantastic games yourself, and enjoy! Hidden Relics and Ancient Spider Solitaire

Hidden Relics is one of the fantastic download games from ToyBox. In this hidden object game you need to travel across Europe to find extremely valuable antiques that were stolen during a hijack. Be aware of the villain that stole the antiques, and try to stay one step ahead of him in this thrilling adventure. Are you ready for some outstanding hidden object challenges?

Besides hidden object games, ToyBox also creates wonderful solitaire games. Ancient Spider Solitaire is one of them. Enjoy 8 different game modes, and try to complete even the most challenging solitaire levels. We’re sure you’ll need all your solitaire skills to finish this game!

Treat yourself to one of the fantastic ToyBox games today, and play their best games on GameHouse!

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