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Shaman Games Studio is a relatively young game publisher on GameHouse. The company was founded in 2010 in Kiev, Ukraine. Shaman Games Studio has a small team of experienced game developers who are ambitious and dedicated to create casual games. You’ll see they’re pretty good at this job, when you play their games on GameHouse! Sea Legends and Robin’s Island Adventure

In Sea Legends – Phantasmal Light, a fantastic hidden object game by Shaman Games Studio, you need to help Jane and Mike escape a mysterious island and its undead lighthouse keeper. Search for cleverly hidden items and use them to solve all kinds of puzzles. Can you unravel the mysteries of the island?

Robin’s Island Adventure is an adventurous match 3 game by Shaman Games Studio. After her ship sank in a terrible storm, Robin is washed ashore an island. She prepares to make herself comfortable on the island, but she soon finds out there’s a way to leave the island. You need to help her build a new ship, so she can find her way back home. Enjoy different gameplay styles and challenging mini-games. Are you ready to say goodbye to the island soon?

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