Realore has been focusing on casual games since 2002. This game publisher has more than 60 titles, and most of them are available on GameHouse. Realore’s mission is to publish high-quality entertainment that bring happiness to players. The company was quite dedicated to traditional game platforms like PC and Mac, but also shifted to offer existing titles on iPad, iPhone, and Android. You can find many Realore games on GameHouse – Play them right away! Island Tribe, Roads of Rome, and Jane games

The most popular Realore game series on GameHouse is definitely Island Tribe. The Island Tribe games center around a group of islanders that go on incredible adventures. Realore keeps coming up with brand-new stories for this resource management series, so you can continue to enjoy the games as much as you can. A similar popular game series by Realore is Roads of Rome. In the Roads of Rome games, you follow a brave Roman general on his many adventures. Can you expand the Roman empire across barbaric lands?

Many players will know the Jane games as well. These Realore games are centered around the independent Jane, who takes on many different businesses. She runs hotel chains in the Jane’s Hotel games, dives into real estate in the Jane’s Realty games, becomes a fashionista in Dress up Rush, and starts working with animals in Jane’s Zoo. Can you finish every Jane game?

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