PlayFirst is founded in 2004 by people with a lot of experience in the games branch. And it works: the company belongs to one of the most familiar games developers worldwide! The most famous PlayFirst game is Diner Dash, one of the most popular time management series on GameHouse. Games from this extremely successful series have been downloaded over 550 million times, and they’re generally mentioned as one of the best time management games ever. Successful spin-offs

PlayFirst cleverly adapted to the success of the Diner Dash series, and started creating related series. Who isn’t familiar with the Wedding Dash and Cooking Dash games? These series are taking advantage of former Diner Dash successes, and they’ve been download millions of times as well. PlayFirst develops games for mobile phones and tablets, but also for platforms like Facebook and game consoles. PlayFirst is big; it works together with a couple of large distributors like GameHouse. PlayFirst started off with PC games, but since October 2010, the company is focusing more on games for the mobile market.

Diner Dash, Dream Chronicles, and Chocolatier

GameHouse offers a big collection of PlayFirst games. We’ve got the latest PlayFirst games, but you can find also lots of classic games in our extensive catalogue of download and online games as well. Come take a look! Are you a fan of restaurant games? Flo could really use your help in Diner Dash 5 – BOOM, in which she’s working on a new restaurant. Guide your customers to the perfect spot, serve them their food and earn tips. We promise you won’t have time to get bored!

Enjoy fast-paced fun with PlayFirst’s latest wedding game. Make plans to live happy forever in Wedding Dash 4 – Ever, a game that’s definitely challenging. Try the game yourself and you’ll get hooked right away! You can find lots of other hit PlayFirst games on GameHouse. You’ll definitely be entertained for hours with games like Dream Chronicles 2 – The Eternal Maze, Chocolatier 2 – Secret Ingredients and Avenue Flo – Special Delivery.

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