pixelStorm has been around for quite some time. This Canadian publisher on GameHouse is dedicated to produce high-quality games that are fun for everyone. pixelStorm has released many PC games, but is now slowly shifting towards Facebook and mobile games. Successful pixelStorm games on GameHouse include the Mystery Legends games and the hilarious DragonStone. Mystery Legends and DragonStone

The Mystery Legends series is a popular hidden object series by pixelStorm. Each game takes on a classic tale everyone knows, and turns it into a story you can participate in yourself. Experience the tales of Beauty and the Beast, the Phantom of the Opera, and Sleepy Hollow as you search through gorgeously designed hidden object scenes. Can you finish every Mystery Legend game?

DragonStone is a refreshing pixelStorm game. This bubble game was released in 2008, but is still extremely entertaining and hilariously funny. Baldric is in love with the princess, but her father doesn’t allow marriage until Baldric has proven to be worthy. Join Baldric on his adventure as you use the bow to fire at colorful and moving obstacles, and overcome the many challenges ahead. Can you find the legendary DragonStone and make it out alive?

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