MumboJumbo, LLC has been an important GameHouse partner for years now, and lots of the games on GameHouse are developed by this company. MumboJumbo is an independent developer of games for game consoles, mobile devices and PC. It has built a wonderful name as a company that’s specialised in different kinds of game genres. Ahead of time

MumboJumbo was founded in 2001, and the first games came shortly after. In 2003, it was one of the first independent companies worldwide that collaborated with game portals. It was the start of one of the first games websites that made it possible to download games directly to Windows or Mac computers. MumboJumbo was ahead of its time with this construction, and the company quickly became an established name. It’s now a respected company all over the world, and they have a strong and good partnership with GameHouse.

Since 2001, MumboJumbo expanded a lot, mostly by taking over other companies that were specialised in game development. Zono, Ritual Entertainment, and Hot Lava Studios are examples of companies that were acquired by MumboJumbo. For a short time, MumboJumbo also teamed up with another huge developer.

Luxor, Chainz, 7 Wonders

The name of a company doesn’t fire as much imagination as the games it releases. Our players probably recognise huge names like Luxor, Chainz, and 7 Wonders.

MumboJumbo made name as a games company that’s famous for their fantastic match 3 games. The Luxor, 7 Wonders, and Chainz series have been downloaded over thousands of times on GameHouse and have been played by millions of people all over the world.

Besides these wonderful match 3 games, MumboJumbo has produced lots of other games. Midnight Mysteries – Haunted Houdini, Square Logic, Pickers, Glowfish, Elements, Little Farm, and Zombie Bowl-O-Rama, are some examples.

This is just a small selection of the numerous games this company has released. Discover your favorite now!

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