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Legacy Interactive was founded in 1998 by a female video game industry veteran named Ariella Lehrer. This game publisher on GameHouse is specifically strong in developing games based on existing brands. Some examples are games based on TV series like Criminal Minds, Murder She Wrote, and Ghost Whisperer. More than twenty Legacy Interactive games are available on GameHouse – and counting! Legends of Atlantis and Criminal Minds

Legends of Atlantis – Exodus is one of the most popular Legacy Interactive games on our website. This time management game centers around the kingdom of Atlantis and its residents. The end is near for the legendary land, and it’s your job to evacuate the people before nature makes her final strike. Can you save the Atlanteans and the kingdom from devastating forces?

Criminal Minds is a popular Legacy Interactive game based on the hit TV series. You’re the new member of the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), a special FBI group of profilers. In this hidden object game, you’re assigned to two thrilling cases that need to be solved. One of them involves a serial killer, and the other one a mad bomber. Interrogate suspects, gather information, and use your skills to find the criminals. Can you prioritize the criminals’ motivations and catch them?

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