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Jolly Bear Games is a big developer and publisher of high-quality PC games. If you only look at the Big City Adventure games, you’ll see that these games are played by millions of players around the world. The company is working close with a couple of distribution partners, GameHouse included. The two companies have been working together for a long time now and they’ll do anything to get the most out of games and serve their players the best they can. Big City Adventure – Millions of players around the world

For a lot of our players we can sum up the Jolly Bear Games with four words: Big City Adventure games. There are only a few players of online games who aren’t familiar with this great series. Eight Big City Adventures have been released so far: Tokyo, Paris, London Story, London Classic, Vancouver, New York City, Sidney, and San Francisco. Which one of them have you played? They’re actually all worth playing!

Fantastic hidden object games

If you think that the collection of Jolly Bear Games only has Big City Adventure games to offer, you’re quite wrong. The company’s collection is way bigger, and includes lots of other fun games. One of these games is Hodgepodge Hollow – A Potions Primer, a fantastic hidden object adventure. We can also recommend Age of Oracles – Tara’s Journey if you’re looking for more games of this genre.

Jolly Bear Games is way more than just hidden object games. The company has establishes itself in the time management genre too. Take for example Horatio’s Travel. In this game, you join a penguin that opens its own restaurants. Fun and addictive! If that’s all? No, of course not! Jolly Bear Games also has a couple of wonderful games in the word genre, like Icy Spell. This game is all about creating words with letters that are mixed up.

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