Intenium is one of the biggest game publishers that GameHouse works with. The company is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, with a game studio in Kaliningrad, Russia. Intenium publishes more than 200 new products every year. The publisher has many games for PC, but has been focusing on other platforms like Facebook, NDS, and also works on cross-platform games. GameHouse has many games by Intenium – Discover them today! Gardens Inc. 2 and Tulula

Gardens Inc. 2 – Road to Fame is a well-received Intenium game on our website. In this gardening adventure with time management gameplay, Jill and Mike are back – and so is their enemy Cliff Gold. While Jill and Mike compete in an important contest that can bring them new contracts all over the world, Cliff Gold escapes prison and sets out for revenge. Can you stop Cliff Gold and help Jill and Mike win the contest, all at the same time?

Tulula – Legend of a Volcano is a hidden object game with lots of puzzles to solve and mini-games to play. Once, a tribe lived peacefully on their island, until an evil spirit wreaked havoc. The only one to escape from an evil spell was you. You’re the Chosen One and need to find magical stones to break the spell. Can you defeat the spirit and save your people?

Discover many games by Intenium on GameHouse today!

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