HipSoft has been around for a long time. All three founders of this game publisher on GameHouse have over 20 years of experience in the entertainment software industry. It’s HipSoft’s mission to design games that everyone can enjoy, with customer service as a high priority. The company has created many hit games, but the Build-a-lot series definitely stands out. Many of HipSoft’s games can be found on GameHouse – including the award-winning Build-a-lot – Town of the Year! Build-a-lot and Shop it Up

The Build-a-lot games were the first games that entered a new market in the casual games industry: real estate. This games series by HipSoft has many fans and many unique sequels. The first Build-a-lot game came out in 2007, quickly followed by Town of the Year in 2008. After that, HipSoft opened up cans with all kinds of themes for their hit series: Europe, vacation, and even history. Try a few Build-a-lot games and see for yourself. Can you send the housing market through the roof in each and every one of them?

At the beginning of 2011, HipSoft came with a fresh and new game called Shop it Up. In this game, you need to manage a shopping mall and make sure there’s enough variety in shops. You can open up all kinds of shops, like candy shops, music stores, and clothing departments. You can customize every shop separately, so you can make it more attractive to your customers. Several executives have assignments for you for an extra challenge, and keep an eye out for VIP customers. Can you boost your profits and make your mall a huge success?

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