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Gogii Games is a game publisher from Canada, and was founded in 2006. This developer that works together with GameHouse mainly focuses on hidden object games, though Gogii Games has also a few other genres in its extensive catalog. The company strives to deliver high-quality products on all kinds of platforms: from PC and Mac, to Wii and NDS, to iPad and iPhone. Gogii’s hard work and dedication pays off: its 2009 hit Princess Isabella – A Witch’s Curse game was voted Top Adventure Game at the GameHouse 2010 Great Game Awards! Princess Isabella and Escape the Museum

Princess Isabella – A Witch’s Curse is probably the most popular game by Gogii Games on GameHouse. In this hidden object game, Princess Isabella’s happiest day of her life turns into a nightmare when a terrible curse imprisons the castle and her groom-to-be. It’s up to you to lift the curse and defeat the witch. Can you solve every puzzle, collect every item, and break the darkness?

The Escape the Museum games are quite popular on GameHouse as well. The first Escape the Museum game by Gogii Games centers around Susan and her daughter Caitlin. When an earthquake strikes, Susan is trapped inside the National Museum of History. She needs to find her way back to Caitlin and out of the museum. On her way, she needs to secure the museum’s most valuable pieces, and solve the trickiest puzzles. Can you help her escape the museum?

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