GamesCafe lives by its slogan “Games for Everyone”. This publisher on GameHouse wants the entire family to play and enjoy games. GamesCafe’s goal is to deliver top selling, fun, and easy to learn games that provide great entertainment and value for its customers. This mission is completely visible in the games GamesCafe creates. Amongst their fantastic games is Sally’s Studio, a highly appreciated game on GameHouse! Sally’s Studio

Sally’s Studio was released in 2010 on GameHouse, and is a very popular GamesCafe games. The game was actually rated with one of the highest amount of stars on our website. In this time management game by GamesCafe, Sally wants to stay in shape. When her local gym closes down, she has nowhere to go. Instead of giving up, she sees an opportunity and starts her very own fitness studio.

Sally’s Studio is a colorful and fast-paced game, which is common for games by GamesCafe. As with all the games by this developer, the gameplay is quite intuitive and the game looks friendly, so even the smallest and youngest players can enjoy it. There are also many things to do for more experienced players. This GamesCafe game is definitely for everyone!

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