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Gamers Digital is a seasoned publisher of games on GameHouse. The company has many years of experience, and hopes to become a reliable source for strong casual entertainment products. Gamers Digital not only focuses on PC games, but also on mobile games, games for Nintendo 3DS, and games for consoles like Wii. You will probably be seeing (and playing) more of this game developer in the future! Jessica’s Cupcake Café and Real Crimes – Jack the Ripper

One of the most popular Gamers Digital games on GameHouse is Jessica’s Cupcake Café. In this time management game, Jessica helps her aunt and uncle make a successful business of their old bakery. The best way to do this? Sell cupcakes! As you follow Jessica on this exciting mission, you learn a lot of tasty cupcake recipes for your own kitchen. Can you resist the sight of so many colorful treats?

Real Crimes – Jack the Ripper is completely different from the previous one. This Gamers Digital game is set in the dark and gloomy streets of London in 1888. A series of horrific murders take place, and it’s up to you to catch the killer before he strikes again. Play this hidden object thriller, and put your sleuthing skills to the test. Can you reveal the killer’s identity and stop him once and for all?

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