Fugazo has been around as a game publisher on GameHouse for several years now, and those years have been quite successful. The developer has assembled a solid team with members who have been working in the games industry for many years. Having a dedicated team means that Fugazo was able to develop over 25 games in all kinds of genres in only 5 years’ time. Popular games on GameHouse include Farmers Market, Cooking Academy, and the World Mosaics series. Farmers Market, Cooking Academy, World Mosaics

Back in 2010, Farmers Market was a fresh new game in the concentrated farm games genre. This Fugazo game combines time management gameplay with strategy game features. Bring in farmers to sell their produce to your customers. Add vendors who can use the produce to create and sell products like hot dogs and waffles. Find a band to attract more customers, and hire workers to keep up with the visitor increase. Can you set up the most successful farmers market around?

Cooking Academy is not your usual cooking game. This game by Fugazo actually simulates the slicing, kneading, mashing of real cooking, and more. Follow the instructions on your screen, and use your mouse to complete every action. Can you master every recipe? If cooking isn’t really your thing, you can try one of the World Mosaics games. This Fugazo game series is popular in the puzzle genre. Each World Mosaics game has its own theme and offers hundreds of puzzles. Can you finish them all?

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