BigWig is one of the many great game publishers on GameHouse! The company is based in London, and was founded in 2003. BigWig is an independent developer of mostly online and mobile games. The company also made a couple of download games you definitely know. The Scruffs, Hotdog Hotshot, both wonderful download games of BigWig. All their games are played over a billion times and they’ve won multiple awards. The Scruffs and Hotdog Hotshot

Are you ready for a hilarious game? The Scruffs – Return of the Duke is waiting for you! What’s a kingdom without a Duke? Nothing, and that’s why Grandpa Scruff wants the throne. As the rightful heir he’s the only one who deserves it, but he has competition from the evil Charles and a mysterious person. Can you find the old knights who can confirm that Grandpa Scruff is the rightful heir? Good luck, and don’t forget to play the first Scruffs game as well!

Attention all hotdog lovers: Hotdog Hotshot is the perfect game for you! In this game, you are one of the contestants in a live reality show about hotdogs. It’s up to you to serve the best hotdogs in town, and to keep all your customers happy. Can you win the Golden Hotdog?

Do you like the wonderful The Scruffs games? Then you’re going to like all the great BigWig games on GameHouse!

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