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When you say adventure games, you say Artifex Mundi games on GameHouse! This developer of games is responsible for a lot of challenging adventure games. Artifex Mundi is based in Poland, and has launched over 20 games. Over 100 people are working on new games for devices like PC, Mac, mobile, and tablet. Sharing their passion for games is the mission of Artifex Mundi, and GameHouse completely agrees! Nightmares from the Deep and Dark Arcana

If you’re looking for a challenging adventure game, Nightmares from the Deep – The Cursed Heart is the one! In this game, you need to rescue your daughter from the hands of an evil pirate. Of course this isn’t easy, and you’ll have to be concentrated and alert to find objects that can help you out in a museum, on a ghost ship, and on a mysterious deserted island. Get ready for one of the best adventures ever!

Dark Arcana – The Carnival Platinum Edition is another great game by Artifex Mundi. In this game, you need to rescue Susan, a young girl’s mother, who’s trapped in a different dimension after visiting the House of Horrors at the carnival. Can you save Susan?

The challenging adventure games of Artifex Mundi are the best on GameHouse!

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