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The Monument Builders series, the Syberia series. Do we need to say more? Anuman Interactive is the publisher of these wonderful games! This French games developer was founded in 2000, and has made a lot of wonderful games since then. In the early days, the company concentrated mostly on developing games for PC. Nowadays, Anuman Interactive publishes games for platforms like, PC, Mac, mobile, tablets, and a lot of other devices. Looking for the best Anuman Interactive games? You can find them on GameHouse! Monument Builders and Syberia

Do you love time management and strategy games? Then you’re definitely going to love the Monument Builders series. Play Monument Builders – Empire State Building for example. It’s not hard to guess; in this game you need to build the enormous Empire State Building. Order supplies, make sure they get to you in time and manage your own crew of builders. Are you ready for the challenge of a life time?

Syberia – Kate Walker’s Adventures is another wonderful game loved by our players and part of a successful Anuman Interactive series. In this game you need to help Kate find a mysterious man, who’s the owner of an old automaton factory. Get ready for an exciting quest through Europe!

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