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We want you to meet Aliasworlds Entertainment, a developer and publisher of wonderful casual games. The company is founded in 2001, and based in Minsk (Belarus). Aliasworlds Entertainment is known for co-developed games like Cooking Dash and Ranch Rush, but also for games they created by themselves, like Kingdom Chronicles and Lunch Rush HD. GameHouse offers you all the best Aliasworlds Entertainment games! Kingdom Chronicles and Lunch Rush HD

Kingdom Chronicles is without a doubt one of the best Aliasworlds Entertainment games on GameHouse! In this game, you join John Brave who returns home after he’s been at sea for a long time. As he returns home, he’s shocked by the destruction of the kingdom. Moomrabac is ruling the kingdom now, and you and John need to stop him. Can you restore the kingdom?

Never heard of Lunch Rush HD? Then it’s about time you play this wonderful game! Join Snowy the Bear and his friend Browny, and help them build a restaurant business. Always wanted to have your own restaurant? Get ready to live your dream then! It’s up to you to serve food, take orders, and keep your customers smiling!

Prepare for adventures, and play the best Aliasworlds Entertainment games on GameHouse!

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