10tons is a unique developer and publisher of online games based in Tampere, Finland. Although it’s just a small company, it’s responsible for a lot of good games. Crimsonland, the company’s first game, became a worldwide hit and is well-known by players all over the world. Bigger and bigger

The company was founded in 2003, and started to develop online games together with the brand MythPeople later that year. Breaker, Bubblefish Bob, Karu and Abundante! are examples of games that were created and turned into big successes by 10tons. In 2007, the company moved to Tampere, and expanded to a bigger office with more employees just one year later.

The developer is now focusing on different branches like mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and Macs. This is the main reason for their transfer to an even bigger office in 2012. The company is on a mission to bring more joy to the world. 10tons has accepted the challenge to keep trying to increase the quality and excitement of upcoming games, and GameHouse is proud to be a partner of them.

Azkend 2, Karu, and Heroes of Kalevala

Are you looking for the best 10 tons games? Don’t look any further, because GameHouse is the place to be! Try Azkend 2 – The World Beneath for example. An enormous whirlpool pulls your ship down in the sea to a magical world. This match 3 game is lots of fun, and addictive at the same time. The world of Azkend is beautiful, but you still need to get out and return to the real world. Can you escape from Azkend?

Karu is definetely one of the 10 tons games that we can recommend! This puzzle game is very challenging and asks your very best efforts. Can you launch balls to make rows of at least three balls of the same color? Make sure the evil serpent doesn’t reach the surface!

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