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The best Premium games! That’s what you’re looking for, aren’t you? Of course you are! Who doesn’t want to play just the best games? Premium games are high-quality games that contain extra features. At GameHouse we’ve come up with a special term for Premium games: Platinum games! Below you can find a selection of the amazing Platinum games we’re offering. Are you ready to enjoy the best high-quality Premium games with special features? Then it’s time to enjoy our magnificent games for yourself! Delicious – Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise and Fall of the New Age

Since you’re looking for the best Premium games, you just have to take some time for the wonderful Delicious – Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise. This is one of the best time management games ever made and loved by millions of people all around the world. In this chapter you’ll follow Emily and Patrick on their beautiful honeymoon cruise. Is it going to be as romantic as they’re hoping, or will there be trouble on the way? Find out for yourself, and enjoy this superb Premium game! Don’t forget to enjoy the bonus episode and wallpapers as well.

That’s definitely not all! How about the amazing Premium game Fall of the New Age? This is one of the best hidden object games out there, and a magnificent choice. Step in the shoes of Marla as she tries to uncover the secrets of a medieval cult. It’s the only way to find her missing brother. Can you help her out with the quest of a lifetime? This game includes bonus art, wallpapers, and screensavers!

You’re just a couple of clicks away from the best Premium games on GameHouse. Choose your favorite and enjoy hours of high-quality fun and wonderful extra features!

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