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Fan of a certain game? Enjoy it even more with the Platinum version! These games are special and unique versions of our best games. They include extensive bonus content like wallpapers, walkthroughs, and bonus gameplay. Platinum games are a must have for the real fans, because they offer a great complete experience. Try the wonderful Platinum games of GameHouse yourself and play one of the fantastic games we’ve selected for you below!

Gardens Inc. 2 and Nearwood

It can be hard to choose between all these great Platinum games. In order to help you out a bit, we recommend two games that you just have to play! The first one is Gardens Inc. 2 – The Road to Fame. This is the wonderful sequel to the time management hit game including a detailed strategy guide, handy tips and tricks, and challenging challenging bonus levels. Help Jill and Mike out once again, as they compete in a very competive gardening contest. They need to win the contest in order to receive lucrative contracts from all over the world. Be careful, because Cliff Gold has escaped prison and wants revenge on Mike and Jill!

Would you rather play a hidden object game? Play the fantastic Nearwood game! This platinum game includes a useful strategy guide, beautiful wallpapers, exciting bonus gameplay, and much more. In this game you need to help Jane Lockwood to find her father and to bring peace to the graceful and magical world of Nearwood. Make sure you’re ready for this exciting and challenging quest!

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