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Your FunPass subscription is all about having fun, right? Treat yourself to the best Platinum FunPass PC games, and you’ll have hours of it on GameHouse! Platinum games are offering you just a little more than regular games, because of the extras and special features, like wallpapers, strategy guides, and bonus content. We have over 100 great Platinum games for you to choose from, so there are many fun challenges waiting. Don’t have a FunPass yet? Get access to the best Platinum FunPass PC games too, and order one! Fall of the New Age and Farm to Fork

Fall of the New Age is without a doubt one of the best Platinum FunPass PC games on GameHouse! A medieval cult wants to destroy all knowledge and culture, and you need to stop them. To prevent this you will need to reveal their secrets and find your missing brother. This Platinum hidden object game offers you wonderful concept art, screensavers, wallpapers, and even bonus music soundtracks!

Do you want to enjoy one of the best Platinum time management games? Farm to Fork is your game! It’s a hard time for the valley farmers; Global Mart is taking over, and they're forced to think of a new way to earn money. Can you help them come up with new ideas and with executing these plans? They’re counting on you! This wonderful game offers you challenging bonus levels, magnificent wallpapers, and a catchy soundtrack.

Make sure you enjoy your FunPass subscription to the max, and play the best Platinum FunPass PC games on GameHouse!

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