Plants vs. Zombies

Meet one of the best arcade games ever: Plants vs. Zombies! If you’re up for a game that is both fun and challenging, this is the right one. Have you ever heard of it? Let us talk you through in case you didn’t. In Plants vs. Zombies, you need to protect your house from hurdles of different zombies, who will try to eat your brain. This doesn’t sound easy, but we think that you’re the right person for the job! How to play Plants vs. Zombies

You don’t want the zombies to enter your house, do you? That’s why you need to stop them in time! How to do this? Use special plants! You can use different types of plants to protect your house. You start the game off with a few plants which you can grow with seed packs in seed pack slots. The more levels you complete, the more seed packs and seed pack slots you can purchase with coins you’ll earn during the game. Still not sure about what to expect from this game? Keep on reading!

Battle 26 types of zombies

Zombies will attack your house by walking towards it in 5 or 6 horizontal lanes. They’ll come in different waves, and you have to defeat all 26 types of them. There are 49 different plants that you can use to defeat these zombies. Please note that certain types of plants are more effective against specific zombies. Take the Magnet-shroom, for example. This plant removes the metallic items some zombies use as protection.

Be prepared for every attack

Just when you think it’s quiet, the zombies will attack. Whether it’s the front yard, the backyard, or the roof; they’re everywhere! Other challenges like fog and lightning storms will cross your path as well, so make sure you’re prepared for every kind of attack. With thousands of players all over the world and versions for multiple platforms, it’s no wonder that this incredible game has won over 30 awards!

What are you waiting for? Stop the zombies before it’s too late, and play Plants vs. Zombies now on GameHouse!

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