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Go on a highflying adventure and play pilot games at GameHouse! Do you feel the need for speed? Are you looking to be the copilot on an incredible adventure? If you have always wanted to fly into the wild blue yonder and be the hero, GameHouse has the very best online pilot games just for you!

Show off your skills of speed and acrobatics in Astrobatics. Do you have what it takes to be a high-speed space fighter? Come play and find out! Or maybe you’d rather save the world from fowl foes in Chicken Invaders 2! The chickens are trying to take over the solar system, and only you can stop them!

Fight terrorists instead of chickens in the newest installments in the AirStrike series; AirStrike 2 and AirStrike 2: Gulf Thunder. Fight all new enemies and be the hero, again. In these extreme 3D action games, you’ll find exciting storylines, hundreds of enemy units and unbelievable graphics. Show that you have the skills to fight any foe with the exciting online pilot games at GameHouse.

If combat fighting isn’t your speed, how would you like to run an airport? Guide the planes and manage the comings and goings in Airport Mania. Juggle all the arrivals, departures and maintenance of the planes, all while keeping the flights running on time. Can you keep all your customers happy in this highly addictive game? Find all these games and more free games at GameHouse.

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