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Build a pyramid of fun with the best free Pharaoh games at GameHouse! Have you ever wanted to explore the mysteries of Pharaohs and ancient Egypt? Now you can! Play a variety of high quality download Pharaoh games as well as download games with pharaohs.

Want to visit ancient tombs in search of answers to centuries old mysteries? What are you waiting for? Play Pharaoh’s Secret, an enthralling puzzle adventure taking place in pyramids of Egypt. Help an impressionable student and his professor solve perplexing puzzles, interpret hidden clues, and crack open one of Egypt’s oldest mysteries. Put together groups of three or more colorful orbs and solve brain-bending mini games in this adventurous pharaoh game brought to you by the creators of Da Vinci’s Secret.

Or seek a hidden treasure in Amazing Adventures The Lost Tomb, an incredible hidden object quest. The Museum has dispatched you, a world famous explorer, to find and retrieve lost riches of Egypt. Search 22 beautifully recreated settings such as the Sphinx, the Pyramids, the Nile, and more for over 2000 cleverly hidden items. Do you have what it takes to recover the ancient treasures? Find out today! Also, make sure to get your fill of fast-paced match 3 fun with the hit Luxor series. Play these and many more online Pharaoh games and free Pharaoh games at GameHouse.

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