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Where to play the best PC games? On GameHouse of course! No matter the genre you love, we’ve got the biggest and most fun collection for you. Choose between numerous PC games of the highest quality and discover yourself how addictive these games can be. Make sure you’re ready for unbelievable tasks and be surprised by the hours of joy and pleasure that you’ll experience with our PC games!

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The PC games of GameHouse are unprecedented! Don’t believe us? Play them yourself and you’re convinced in no time! Play Northern Tale 2 for example, the second chapter in the successful series. In this chapter it’s up to you to rebuild the kingdom of King Ragnar. Because of his battle against the evil witch Gesta there are big parts destroyed, and that’s why he’s really desperate in need of your help. Repair buildings, collect gold, and be prepared for upcoming disasters!

Rescue Team 3 is another great PC games that you’ll definitely have to try. In this game you’ll lead the rescue team that were asked for their help after a terrible disaster of nature destroyed the city of Greenfield. Together with your team they want you to repair roads and buildings and to rescue the citizens of Greenfield. That’s not all; you’ll have to clear the road to the hospital and you need to drill for oil. Are you ready for the challenge of your life time?

Ridiculously good recommendations

It’s almost impossible to play all of our PC games, so that’s why we want to give you a couple of great recommendations. No matter what genre you love, we can definitely advise you to play Gardenscapes, Mortimer Beckett, Bejeweled and Zuma. These series of PC games are really popular and you just can’t miss out on them. Do you want to choose your own game? You can always look for other popular games via de search option on our website!

Did we miss any recommendations? We really want to know your personal favorites. Perhaps you can share them with us through are social media channels like Facebook en Google+.

You’ll find the very best PC games on GameHouse, so don’t wait any longer and play them now!

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