Tropix Coco-Bowl Online

Tropix Coco-Bowl
Go bowling by the water's edge on a summer evening: enjoy a tropical surprise in Tropix Cocobowl!
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Game Description

Game objective

Knock down all ten pins in a minimum number of attempts.

Game controls

Move the coconut with your mouse: click to accelerate it and move forward to throw it. Move the mouse left or right to control the ball.

Scoring and bonuses

A game comprises 10 rounds and you can throw 2 balls per round. You progress to the next round if you throw a strike (knock down all 10 pins).

If you manage to knock down all the pins in 2 tries, you will receive a spare. Your reward for a spare is that the points from the first throw of the next round will be added to the spare you won in the previous round and will also count as normal points in the round in which you scored them.

You receive 1 point for every pin you knock down. If you throw a strike, you will receive 10 points for the strike and bonus points for the two balls you throw in the next round. A strike earns you 30 points if you throw 2 strikes after the first one.

A spare earns you a maximum of 20 points, as you only receive extra points for just one ball thrown in the next round. If you throw a spare or strike in the last round, you can throw once or twice again and try to earn bonus points. These points will only be added to your spare or strike and will not be counted twice. So you can throw 12 strikes in one game and, in so doing, you will have played a "perfect game".

A perfect game is worth 300 points (10 x 30) because the two final strikes are only added to the last strike and are not doubled.
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