Solitaire of Nostradamus Online

Solitaire of Nostradamus
Read what's in the numbers to predict history.
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Game Description

Read what's in the numbers to predict history in Solitaire of Nostradamus, a FREE look through the eyes of the mystic.

Nostradamus resorted to the Solitaire of Ages to learn what was in store for humanity. He calculated the dates for his predictions and spelled them out for all to see. You have found his ancient method and now it's your turn to peer into the numbers and know what he knew.

Eight columns of numbers with digits 0 - 9 are shown. Remove pairs of neighboring digits which differ in one (e.g. 2 and 3, 8 and 7). The major of them makes the tens, the minor is taken as units. These two-digit numbers are summed up to an important year in human history and result in a prophecy. When no choices are left on the field, you will receive the Chance of Ages. It is given only once, so choose wisely.

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Genre:  Puzzle
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