Snakes N Letters Online

Snakes N Letters
Protect Hammy the Hamster!
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Game Description

Protect Hammy the Hamster from becoming lunch in Snakes N Letters, a wonderfully twisted and FREE word game!

Hammy is a sleepy hamster who really enjoys taking naps. The trouble is that his favorite bed happens to be in a field full of snakes who think he would make a very tasty meal. Fortunately for Hammy, you are here to provide some safety.

Use your word power to fend off these marauding serpents and keep Hammy safe while dozing. Pick the letters and build words to stop them before they reach Hammy. Simply click on the letters to make words of 3 to 8 letters, and use multipliers or wildcards to boost your score. If you can fill the Complete-O-Meter, Hammy will make it alive to snooze one more day.

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Genre:  Word
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