Penguin Puzzle Online

Penguin Puzzle
Make two by two squares with ice cubes of the same color. Make as many as you can, don't get stuck!
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Game Description

Goal of the game

Make 2 by 2 squares with ice cubes of the same color Make as many as you can, don't get stuck!

Make bonus shapes to get Power Cubes. In the window at the right of the screen, shapes made out of ice will appear. Construct this shape and you will receive a cube with a magical effect!

Clear all ice cubes on a Bonus Level for a big score bonus! The rules are a bit different on bonus levels - you will figure it out! Even if you do not manage to clear the screen, you will still go to the next level.


To move an ice cube, first click on it. Then click again on the spot you want to move the cube to. Ice cubes can only slide to an open place, and only if there are no cubes blocking it.

Click on a Power Cube to use it. The glove cursor will be charged up with the Power Cube's effect. Now click anywhere on the screen to unleash the effect!
Genre:  ActionStrategy
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