Margrave Manor 2 - The Lost Ship Online

Margrave Manor 2 - The Lost Ship
Discover a dark secret on a drifting ship.
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Game Description

Search a derelict and drifting ship for a dark secret in Margrave Manor 2 - The Lost Ship, an original hidden object mystery!

Orphaned at a young age, Edwina Margrave never knew anything about her family. At least not until a few years ago when she learned she was the granddaughter of famous treasure hunter, Edwin Margrave. Ten years ago her grandfather's ship, the Aurora Dusk, disappeared under mysterious circumstances. When the ship suddenly reappears without explanation, or anyone on board, it's up to Edwina to piece together the clues and discover the truth about her grandfather and the strange disappearance of the Aurora Dusk.

Explore the decks and rooms of the abandoned vessel for hidden objects, intriguing clues, perplexing puzzles, and more on a quest to uncover its secrets before sunrise. Collect inventory items to unlock new locations, examine letters and log entries, and find out what really happened to the crew of the Aurora Dusk.

Featuring a thrilling storyline, gorgeously detailed scenes to search, and endless replayability, Margrave Manor 2 - The Lost Ship is a fantastic expedition to hidden object fun. Play this original challenge free with the trial version, or download the full version of Margrave Manor 2 - The Lost Ship and uncover the stunning secrets of the Aurora Dusk today!
Genre:  Hidden Object
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