Lost Souls - Enchanted Paintings Online

Lost Souls - Enchanted Paintings
Rescue a missing child from a wizard's spell in the online version of Lost Souls - Enchanted Paintings.
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Game Description

Rescue a missing child from a wizard's spell in Lost Souls - Enchanted Paintings, a magical adventure through strange new lands.

A child and his mother receive a strange package that turns out to be a beautiful painting. That night, with the painting hanging in the child's room, a strange spell emanates and captures the child. It whirls him to a strange land far away. Now, his mother must venture deep into unknown and magical lands to find her son and break the spell that holds him prisoner.

Journey through enchanted lands searching for the young child and find a way to get him home. Leave no stone unturned as you locate items and use them to gather more clues or get through obstacles. Meet the colorful inhabitants of these odd worlds and help them as they help you throughout your journey. Solve amazing puzzles, discover startling secrets, and immerse yourself in a bewitching atmosphere.

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Genre:  Hidden Object
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