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Kitchen Brigade
Join the ranks of the Master Chefs in Kitchen Brigade, a delectable time management game!
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Game Description

Join the ranks of the Master Chefs in Kitchen Brigade, a mouth-watering time management game where serving up food is only half the fun!

Congratulations! After graduating from the Cooking Academy and buying your own restaurant, you are now a contestant for the hit TV show Kitchen Brigade. Over the next 66 days, you are to successfully open and manage 7 different restaurants. Direct your three chefs to serve customers, and when the orders start piling up, give them a hand by donning the Master Chef's hat yourself!

Serve over 50 delectable recipes including enchiladas, clam chowder, and chicken satay by playing fun mini-games. Build the perfect kitchen by adding grills, ovens, mixers, and much more. Do you have the culinary skills to impress the judges? It's up to you to win the Kitchen Brigade TV Competition!

Try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Kitchen Brigade today and find out why critics call the game "genuinely fresh and fun"!
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