Gold Rush 2 Basic Online

Gold Rush 2 Basic
Dig deep into the mine and search for gold nuggets and other treasure in Gold Rush - Treasure Hunt Basic!
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Game Description

Goal of the game

Try to get as much points as possible. You can do so by clicking on groups of 3 or more blocks of the same color to remove them from the board.

If the blocks touch the top of the screen too long, the game is over.

Game controls>

Left click on groups of 3 or more blocks to remove them. You can speed things up by pressing the spacebar.


Eventually gold will start to appear among the blocks. Remove a group of at least 3 gold nuggets to receive extra points.

Perform the tasks written on the left in to receive extra points. Move your mouse over the box to read the exact task.

The following tools will help you:
  • pickaxe: removes all the same-colored blocks from the screen
  • wrench: rearranges the blocks around it to improve match options
  • dynamite: removes a 5x5 area of blocks surrounding it
  • hammer: removes three columns of blocks directly under it
  • chest: open it by using a golden key and receive special prizes
  • golden key: make sure it touches a chest in order to open it
  • power drill: shakes the level, causing blocks to fall down from columns and levels out the play field
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