Frescoz Online

Create a world of stained glass!
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Game Description

Create a beautiful world of stained glass in Frescoz, a FREE and colorful brainteaser that will entertain you and the entire family!

Multi-colored and Multi-shaped pieces lay before you to fill the intricate mosaic pattern presented. Simply pick up one of the pieces and drop it onto the pattern, but pay close attention because these pieces ultimately determine what others are used after. Besides that, the mosaic pattern has colored sections to determine specific pieces.

Try your luck and test your brain in 170 fun levels with patterns of Christmas trees, Zodiac signs and much more. Move quickly through the pieces, and if you can't fit one, just drop it into the trash. This won't cost you any time, but it will cost you points! How quickly can you figure out the pattern and get the highest score possible?

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Genre:  Puzzle
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