AstroPop Online

You'll fall under the spell of the cute astro pilots, the threat of the space pirates and the astro virus.
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Game Description

The greatest challenge ever! You have been warned for AstroPop. You'll fall under the spell of the 4 cute astro pilots, the threat of the space pirates and the astro virus.

Goal of the game

The objective of AstroPop is to pop a target number of bricks before they reach the bottom of the screen. If any column of bricks touches the bottom of the screen, your game will be over. Work fast, as new rows are always coming down.

To pop bricks, just group four or more like-colored bricks together and they will explode! You can hold up to 6 colored bricks at one time, but only one Power-Up brick at a time.


Place your mouse cursor under a column of bricks.

Left-click to pick up bricks.
Right-click to release bricks.

You can left-click under multiple columns to pick up more bricks, up to a maximum of 6 bricks. You can only have bricks of one color loaded on your ship at any time. (E.g. if you have already picked up some green bricks, you can only pick up other green bricks until you have released them).


Popping a set of bricks is worth a small number of points per brick in the set. A combo bonus is equal to the total number of brick-popping points multiplied by the size of the combo (e.g. 400 points for popped bricks x a 6x combo = 2400 points). For large combos, this can be a huge bonus. A large bonus is awarded by popping every brick onscreen.

Power-Up Bricks

Grab and release the nuke to pop all adjecent bricks!

Row Nuke
Grab and drop to clear an entire row of bricks

Column Nuke
Blast an entire column of bricks!

Obstacle Bricks

You must pop bricks next to these stony obstacles to break them down.

This metallic obstacle is twice as strong as rock.

SUPA Weapon

The SUPA Weapon is there to help you when the bricks are getting too close to the bottom; deploying it will destroy a large number of bricks. If used at the right time, the SUPA Weapon can help you survive when the going gets tough.
Genre:  Arcade
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