Aquascapes Online

Explore an underwater world with finned friends!
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Game Description

Explore an enchanting underwater world with finned friends in Aquascapes, a FREE charming and unique hidden object game. Experience what it would be like to play below the surface and seek out key items in a subaquatic environment. As you discover the hidden objects in this charming adventure, earn money to customize your tank with vibrant backgrounds and decorative items. Make your underwater home a masterpiece! Get to know the animated personalities of your water creature friends. Each has a story to tell. You'll soon have a favorite, and you'll find yourself submerged in this engaging and distinctive hidden object experience. Get all the fun when you play the FREE version of today! If you enjoyed this FREE game, try some of our great download games. Simply click the Download tab at the top of this page to browse hundreds of other fantastic games.
Genre:  Hidden Object
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