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Agent 079
Escape from an evil villain.
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Game Description

Escape the machinations of the evil Dr. Nemesis in Agent 079, a FREE point-and-click adventure.

Agent 079 is called to a distant island to track the whereabouts of his dastardly foe, Dr. Nemesis. Unfortunately, this is only a ruse to get the agent out there and the Dr. is well aware of his arrival. Now, the unsuspecting agent has fallen right into his trap.

Help Agent 079 solve the elaborate riddle that has been set up to toy with him by the notorious villain. Explore inside the diabolical infinity chamber, with a maze of eight rooms that stack, shift, shuffle and move. Gain control of the rooms to connect them to each other in a myriad of ways by solving all of the puzzles. Search for items, solve puzzles, decipher riddles and follow the clues to escape certain doom!

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Genre:  Action
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