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We definitely can’t neglect online brain games on GameHouse! You can play the best and greatest online brain games for free on our website. Do you think your brain could use a good work-out? Test them now with loads of different games that keep your brain sharp and alert. You’ll definitely learn something from these games!

Text Twist 2, World Mosaics 2 and Sudoku

Of course it can be hard to choose between all those free online brain games. In order to get you started, we can recommend Text Twist 2. In this game, you need to switch letters to create the longest and most beautiful words. How is your vocabulary? World Mosaics 2 is also definitely worth playing. In this game, you use a hourglass to travel through history, until the hourglass breaks and you’re stuck. Can you solve puzzles to fix the hourglass?

Other free brain games you can try are GameHouse Sudoku and Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery 5. In the first game, you get to play the renowned game of Sudoku. These puzzles make sure that your brain remains alert. In the addictive Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery 5, you need to form a puzzle from different blocks.

Don’t wait any longer and play the best online brain games for free now!

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